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Automotive, tool & industrial

Eastwickhg is an online stop for apparels, automotive, tools, industrial and electronics products, games, movies, books, games, health care products as well as outdoor and sports products. Under the automotive, tool and Industrial category, there are many products available from various brands.

The automobile category has a vehicle transmission drain pan constructed for long pan transmissions. The name of the product is related to the fact that its big mouth collects all the drainage during servicing of the vehicle. It is made up of high impact plastic and is adaptive to any drain with a diameter funnel of 6'' or more.

There are many protective rfp welding helmets as well as other professional welding helmets under the category. They have been given unique names and distinguish in features and prices. All the helmets under the category are priced above 200$. They are available in different shades, have adjustable features and fine graphics.

If you're looking for test leads and circuit testers, Eastwickhg is the perfect stop. From the wide range of test leads available, you can choose the one that satisfies your needs well. All of them are reliable. Standard test leads have screw and alligator clips and are mostly available in red or black colour. Your choice may depend on the features.

There are many circuit testers of different brands available in Eastwickhg used for testing all primary circuit connections, fuses etc. They are all fast and quite handy. They can work either by piercing the wire with their unique hook designs or used as an ice pick type tester. You can trust the circuit tester that it shall not cause any damage to the electronic component that it is being used for. It is absolutely safe to use on microprocessor.

When you need anything that falls under the category of automotive, tool and industrial products, then Eastwickhg is a right place for you. There are a wide range of products, including automotive 103 piece tool set, 11,000 series rotobroach cutters and more. Each of them priced reasonably, pertaining to their unique features. You can choose from among these products and buy them from the website.